Refund & Replacement Policy

This policy is in place to make sure all parties are treated fairly. The Village Pizzeria follows  this policy for all misunderstandings.

If you have any questions, please call 518.756.8800

We truly appreciate the business of every one of our customers. If for any reason the order that you have received is unsatisfactory, we ask that you notify us by phone Immediately*. Our refund/replacement policy is in place to guarantee a satisfied customer and also to uphold our staff responsible for their mistakes or to correct an error in training. With this policy, we make full replacements for all items that are unsatisfactory upon the return of at least three-quarters of each item. If the item is not returned for any reason**, no credit or replacement will be given because we will be unable to realize the whole of our mistake. If the order was placed for delivery, our drivers will gladly bring a replacement and return the unsatisfactory items to us so there is no inconvenience to you. If there is a large time lapse, the items are not returned, or you do not contact us via a phone call***, there will be no credit or replacement given.

We kindly ask that you treat our employees with the same respect and reasonableness that we expect them to give you. If we are not given the opportunity to make good of the situation before there is a dispute, no replacements or refunds will be given. If the employee is unable to answer any questions or concerns you have, please ask to speak to a manager or the owner. As much as we try to train each of our employees to handle every situation, there are some situations that are beyond their awareness or authority.

We have a constantly growing staff and we often hire new employees. These employees may at times misunderstand our training for making or serving food. If we are notified of a mistake that has been made then we can rectify the problem and retrain the employee to better serve you. We ask that you please realize that our employees are human and in every industry there is a margin for human error. Our employees are often faced with multiple orders at once and feel pressured to produce and serve as quickly as possible. If we notice that the same employee is receiving repetitive complaints and has showed no effort to improve, we will replace the employee with one more in line with the goals of our Company.

Also, please be aware that some food is not great for traveling long distances in a sealed container. We try to prevent it in every way possible, but it is especially difficult during the cold seasons and during the busiest hours of operation because of our vast delivery range. If you find that you consistently receive cold or soggy food, we ask that you notify us if you’d like a replacement. If it is a particular item, perhaps not ordering that item for delivery would be the best idea. We always recommend eating in the restaurant because we can better guarantee the condition of our food.

If you find that there is a persistent problem and you have tried all of our recommendations, we will simply suggest that you order your food elsewhere so that you are receiving the type of food and service you desire. We understand that everyone’s opinion is different and although we try to accommodate everyone’s preferences, there are times when we cannot. We are willing to sacrifice your business to ensure your satisfaction. Once placed on the “permanently unsatisfied customer” list we will assume that you will no longer be doing business with us and therefore you will have no access to specials or promotions that we offer. Should you choose to return, we will be more than welcoming but refunds and replacements will no longer be available under any circumstances.

Thank You for Your Loyalty & Understanding.
Please let us know how we can better serve you!

The Village Pizzeria Management & Staff

* If your order has been placed late in the evening and we are closed after the order has been received, please call us the next morning at 756-8800 or Email Us at

** No replacement, credit or refund will be given if it was completely eaten, thrown out, fed to animals, etc.
*** If you are unable to reach us by phone when you try, Please email us. Any complaints or customer service issues via our facebook advertising page or elsewhere will no longer be able to receive replacements or refunds.